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“Ukrainian TRACES” in Cannes

Recently, the exhibition "Ukrainian Traces" opened in Cannes as part of the International Festival of Contemporary Art "TRACE" by Iryna Fedorenko.

Iryna Fedorenko SEMIRA - artist, art expert, organizer and curator of the Festival says:

"Two years have passed like a moment. For each of us, this time is a huge scar, a mark that will remain forever. We were scattered all over the world, but each of us is doing our job in our place and bringing our Victory closer step by step.

Together with the Franco-Ukrainian Association "Ideas Without Borders", we present

The project "Ukrainian Traces" in Cannes as part of the International Festival of Contemporary Art "TRACE", curated by Iryna Fedorenko.

The “TRACE” Art Festival has been taking place for several years now, with the first exhibitions taking place in Ukraine and the last one in Munich, Germany. Over a hundred artists from different countries have taken part in the Festival. The Festival's exhibitions have become the most interesting projects during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence and among the cultural events on the eve of 2022.

Everyone dreams of leaving their own traces as a reminder of their achievements, and artists do it in a surprisingly vivid way.

Our project aims to improve the image of Ukraine and the recognition and popularization of Ukrainian art and culture, and to discover new names. Our mission is #ArtForPeace , we transfer 20% of all proceeds to the AFUR charity fund for ongoing projects.

This time, the International Festival of Contemporary Art "TRACE" turned into a real celebration, in which the art exhibition became not just a static background, but rather an active participant. The format of the exhibition changed from action to action, we used not only light but also shadow, breaking the canons on the way to creating something new, in search of our own path.

According to the Festival's tradition, we kept the names of the artists secret until the opening day, although the exhibition has just begun, we are already discussing with the organizers the possibility of continuing.

I am very glad that warm Cannes welcomed us with friendship and hospitality! Thanks to all the helpers and magicians, without whom this holiday would not have turned out so bright!

Our artists:

Olga Ignatova, Julia Lubina, Oksana Brenzovych, Nataliia Volkova, Liliia Postil, Iryna Bohdanova, Tetiana Bogdanova, Olga Sokoliuk, Denys Fedorenko, SEMIRA

Curated by Iryna Fedorenko

The best photos are by Nataliia Volkova."

Over the 12 years of its existence, the Franco-Ukrainian Association "Ideas Without Borders" has evolved from a cultural and educational association into a powerful international mechanism for rescuing and helping its countrymen! In addition to the Paris branch, a branch was founded in Cannes, as this city is the second cultural capital: it is here that world-famous festivals take place, and it is here that stars from all over the world fly to the Cannes red carpet every May.

However, despite the humanitarian and medical areas that have been added since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, it is the cultural front that has been and remains the main one. The head of the association, Maria Kuchirka, has been introducing the pearls of Ukrainian art to the French for more than 12 years, organizing numerous concerts and gastronomic festivals. We are grateful to the volunteers of the association who immediately responded to the proposal to organize an art exhibition and arranged the exhibition space with their own hands. We are grateful to the mayor of Cannes, David Lisnar, because it was with his support and in the space provided by the mayor that the exhibition of Ukrainian artists whose traces are scattered around the world was organized.

We invite you to visit the exhibition!

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